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11th-Oct-2016 01:15 pm - Very true
23rd-Sep-2016 07:13 pm - Joseph's machines
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16th-Sep-2016 09:26 pm - SA’s economic freedom plummets
SA’s economic freedom plummets

South Africa’s economic freedom ranking has slipped several notches, the 2016 survey has found.

The latest Economic Freedom of the World: 2016 Annual Report, released on Thursday by the Free Market Foundation in conjunction with Canada’s Fraser Institute, shows SA has slipped to position 105 out of 159 countries, down from 93 a year ago.
This invention by a British student could save millions of lives across the world

A 22-year-old British student has invented a mobile fridge that could save millions of lives across the world.
8th-Sep-2016 10:10 am - The end of hunger
We Can End Global Hunger - Kofi Annan

For the first time in human history, the end of hunger is within our reach.

While courageous and passionate individuals have been working to end this scourge for decades, a recent confluence of political will, public-private partnerships and funding has made the fulfilment of this ambition possible.

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31st-Aug-2016 10:02 am - A new tech uni
SADC to Establish Tech University

Sadc could soon establish a fund to drive its major development programmes and open a technical vocational education university to bolster its industrialisation trajectory. At the 36th sadc Heads of State and Government Summit here yesterday, newly-appointed sadc Chair King Mswati III of Swaziland said numerous regional initiatives were stalling due to funding incapacity.King Mswati III, who took over the rotational sadc Chairmanship from Botswana President Lieutenant-General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, said his "energies are focused towards raising these funds", and implored Member States to commit resources.
27th-Aug-2016 12:14 am - The Stop Trump game
I came across this flash game which is not exactly the Punch Candidate X type of game, and it got me hooked up for the best part of an hour. Yeah I know, I'm a guilty procrastinator!

24th-Aug-2016 01:31 pm - Re: the burqa ban
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Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern, with pranking scientists suspected

Spokeswoman at high temple of particle physics suggests ‘scientific users’ of the Geneva facility ‘let their humour go too far’ with staging of occult rite

I think this is just brilliant. And the most priceless part? The way it riled up the conspiracy junkies. :-)
15th-Aug-2016 08:39 pm - The lad who beat Michael Johnson
Wayde van Niekerk breaks world record to win Olympic gold

South Africa's Wayde van Niekerk broke Michael Johnson's 17-year-old 400m world record to sensationally win Olympic gold at Rio 2016.
10th-Aug-2016 12:11 pm - Long overdue
South Africa's Ruling Party Suffers Biggest Election Setback

South Africa's ruling party suffered its worst election setback since taking power at the end of apartheid a generation ago, with the African National Congress losing the capital, Pretoria, and its surrounding Tshwane metropolitan area. But it won a tight race for the country's biggest city, Johannesburg, election authorities reported Saturday night.
27th-Jul-2016 02:56 pm - Michelle for prez?
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9th-Jul-2016 12:06 am - The two zeroes could be fun
Toilets get a pretty bum deal (no pun intended). They're one of mankind's most useful inventions yet rarely do we show them any gratitude.

Until now.

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30th-Jun-2016 03:17 pm - Again the post-capitalism adage
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27th-Jun-2016 10:50 am - Harsh words from the soft-spoken one
South Africa has lost respect in Africa - Mbeki

Former President Thabo Mbeki said South Africa has lost the respect of countries, both in Africa and globally, which had invested in its success. Speaking in Johannesburg on Friday night at the launch of The Thabo Mbeki I Know, a book written by various contributors about him, Mbeki said it told the story "of how much Africa and the rest of the world invested in the success of this country".
16th-Jun-2016 05:06 pm - 40 years since the Soweto uprising
South Africa marks anniversary of 1976 Soweto uprising

South Africa marks anniversary of 1976 Soweto uprising, pivotal moment in anti-apartheid fight.
9th-Jun-2016 11:30 am - Recession looming?
SA on track for recession

South Africa's economy contracted more than expected in the first quarter of the year, data showed on Wednesday, putting it on track for its first recession in seven years.

The data weakened the rand against the dollar until the local currency took strength from news that Fitch had affirmed South Africa's investment grade credit rating.
4th-Jun-2016 10:54 pm - Fearmongers are among us
US warns Islamist militants planning attacks in South Africa

The United States warned its citizens on Saturday of possible attacks by Islamist militants on US facilities or shopping malls in South Africa during the upcoming month of Ramadan, but the South African government said the country was safe.
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